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On Friday February 8, in between auditions for a series of car commercials and one episode of  television series, I discovered one still from a photo shoot I did with photographer Felix Sanchez last February for Mattress Firm is in a store in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I found it because a Facebook friend posted a photo of him at the store pointing to me on a poster.

Corey Bond discovers me as one of the Poster People at Mattress Firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Corey Bond discovers me as one of the Poster People at Mattress Firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Suddenly I had to see it for myself. Oddly enough, the nearest Mattress Firm store was directly across the freeway from where I was when I saw the Facebook post on my phone. Within minutes I was walking into the store and introducing myself to the two salesman behind the counter. Of course, they were caught off guard but delighted to meet one of the Poster People. One sales guy even asked to take my pic and send it to his manager.


I could have stopped at one visit but the second one came for a whole other reason. My little girl is such a huge supporter of my career and she’s been to auditions with me and she’s even accompanied me on the occasional shoot. So the idea of walking her into a store and seeing her reaction became an irresistible plan.

The payoff was wonderful. We walked into a store in Rice Village and she quickly noticed the poster with me on it. She didn’t say anything at first but soon spoke up when the salesman in the store asked how he could help us. When he realized that he was looking at one of Poster People, he starting smiling.

My daughter and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed in front of the poster and chatted with the salesman as he took pics of us. I shared a bit about my start in acting and some of my more memorable experiences, but it was my daughter who make the strongest impression. She talked about making a short film last June about the passing of one of her beloved dogs. She must have been so charismatic about it that the salesman couldn’t imagine not watching it on his computer while we were still in the store.


For anyone who models or does a lot of commercial print work, this kind of opportunity isn’t rare. They may be able to pick up a store flyer or a catalog and see themselves. But as an actor who tends to work in commercials, industrials, short films and the occasional TV show, seeing  myself hanging on a wall is strange and cool at the same time, yet one thought lingers in my head.

I wonder what they will do with the Poster People when it’s time for us to come down.