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I grew up in New York and remember a lottery campaign that used the “dollar and a dream” line. It’s shown up in lots of other places, and I’m reminded of it again today after booking my Megabus tickets to Dallas and back for tomorrow.

Not long ago I would ride with someone or borrow a vehicle or drive a rental car on this trip. I’m sure I spent at least $75 on fuel alone every time, unless the person I was riding with was kind enough to take a $20. (Thanks, Lee Stringer.) So making the trip for one buck seems like a steal.

Thanks to a promo code, I booked the trip up for a national commercial audition for just the reservation fee of 50 cents. I used the same promo code to book a trip back to Houston tomorrow night. Roughly 8 hours on Megabus will give me a shot at booking a national commercial, time to rest, mentally prepare for the audition, listen to Pandora or just about anything else legal I can think of to do.

It’s helpful to save a little money on these trips, especially when I make them so often. As February comes to a close tomorrow, I have lost track how many times I went to Austin and Dallas for an audition. I do love being on the road and making it work without spending much money is even better.

Here’s another travel-related thought. With all the praise I have been giving Megabus for my audition trips, you think I would be the ideal person to end up in their marketing and advertising materials. Maybe something will come up next quarter or maybe I should just make my own commercial.