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I’m not a planner. More specifically, I don’t plan far in advance. In the past, I would call myself a procrastinator. Now I think of myself as a ballet dancer: always on my toes.

I had an easy weekend planned. I waited until today to book my tickets from Houston to Dallas and back. Megabus would take me up for $19.50. Greyhound would bring me back on Sunday for $21. I could spend the rest of my Friday writing and following the news coverage of the lockdown in Boston. But the world of acting isn’t set up to make life easy, as I learned long ago, and I found out this afternoon that I need to be in Austin tomorrow morning for an audition.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful to audition as a zombie for a Toyota commercial in Austin. The reason I share the challenge is that new actors—all actors—need to be reminded consistently that this business is not about them. It’s not about me. It’s about working hard for the opportunities to work. It’s about being prepared when an opportunity presents itself. It’s not about making excuses. Ever.

To add an extra challenge, Megabus has a policy about not refunding ticket fees or changing reservations when the departure time is less than 24 hours away. So even though I emailed customer service, I fully expect to find another solution. Money is tight and buying a ticket to Austin and one to Dallas tomorrow is not within reach right now. Yet I’m confident it will work out the way it’s supposed to.

I posted my travel needs on Facebook. I reached out to a Dallas actor who was scheduled to be at the same audition. (He’s not going to it.) I will check my email often to see if someone working at Megabus has a soft spot in his or her heart for working actors in Texas. Yes, I explained all the details of my reservation issue. Who knows what will stir them to make a decision in my favor.

In the meantime, I will keep looking for other options, following the news coverage in Boston, and dreaming of the day when Houston, Austin and Dallas have all grown into each other and formed one giant city. I hope it’s equipped with teleporters on every corner. I may have to settle for high-speed rail service.


5:05 pm CDT 

I got a friendly email from Megabus. Take a look.

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for your recent e-mail to megabus. We read all e-mails, however
the current response time is approximately 5 days.
If you require immediate assistance or your trip is approaching the 24 hour
restriction, please call 877-462-6342, otherwise we will respond in due

The megabus.com team.

6:53 CDT 

After discovering Dallas actor Dee Day will be in Austin tomorrow for a different audition, I found my way north. He offered to pick me up after my audition. I am again a firm believer in telling the universe what you need and expecting the best possible outcome.