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I met Chris Evans (Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four)in Houston when he was making an independent film called PUNCTURE. We met in a real courtroom that served as the set for a scene we shot with Evans as my lawyer. My character didn’t have a name or any lines, but I was guaranteed to appear in the film unless the entire scene got cut.

Today it’s me who is doing the cutting. I submitted a request to IMDb to remove all mentions of my extra work. Puncture is among several films where my name appears on the cast list, even though I was not a credited member of the cast. The updates could take a couple of weeks to make so for now my name will linger on these pages.

I am really delinquent in making this change. Extra work, while a valid and noble part of the industry, will not help me reach my goals as an actor. I would say the same thing to newcomers. If your goal is to become a working actor, listing your credits as an extra merely to cover more of the page is not the strongest decision to make. That doesn’t mean you should avoid extra work; getting on set experience is valuable and can lead to bigger and better opportunities.

While the extra work may be gone from my IMDb page soon, the memories of my time on various sets as an extra will be with me for a long time. I met some respected actors, including Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks on THE GOOD GUYS. I watched in awe as Claire Danes remained in character as the autistic TEMPLE GRANDIN on the set of the HBO movie. Thanks to extra work, I also played a small part in helping a successful kidney transplant take place, but that’s a story for another time.

We just went through hair and makeup for HBO's Temple Grandin near Austin. Can you tell which era we're in?

We just went through hair and makeup for HBO’s Temple Grandin near Austin. Can you tell which era we’re in?