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After sitting in on an audition workshop taught by Under the Dome’s Nurse Adams (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3051426/) yesterday in Houston, I decided to establish two new audition goals for myself. The first goal involves booking my first role with at least one casting director I have seen more than 10 times and have not been booked by yet. More than a few CDs in Austin, Houston, and Dallas are on that list, and there’s one in Houston I have auditioned for since 2005—without landing a single gig. My second goal is to get in front of casting directors who have not asked for me yet.

Okay, both of these goals aren’t really brand new, I’ll admit. They have been on my mind often. But the energy I am putting into reaching them is new.

Veteran actors understand the new to find new energy to help propel our careers at times, especially when we feel we’re sitting still. Selecting new goals and a new direction can bring about a lot of internal change in the way we see ourselves, our craft, and the entire audition process. I’m in need of that change right now.

Let’s look at the second goal first. One idea that came to mind yesterday was editing together clips from recent auditions and asking my agent to submit this type of demo to the casting directors on my must-see list. Unlike a demo reel, the audition clips are not polished work. They are memorized scenes and my wardrobe choices suggest what the character would be wearing. These clips also give a taste of the kinds of roles I get asked to read for and I made sure to include clips from only a handful of scenes. I didn’t want to go over 2 minutes.

The clips are from auditions for films and episodic TV , including Breaking Bad. I won’t be posting the edited audition demo online since some of the material may come from episodes that have not aired yet. Only an agent and the targeted casting directors will have the chance to see what I put together, and I don’t expect an instant reaction. I know these professionals are busy with the primary functions of their respective jobs so I may have to wait days or weeks to get a reply.

My first goal may involve less waiting. Some of these casting directors I referred to ask for me on a monthly basis (on average) so I could end up auditioning for one or more of them in the coming week.  Unlike my past auditions with them, I am going to start documenting each experience. I will record details about each project, each role, the time of the audition, what I wear, what happened in the casting room, and any other pertinent detail I can look at later and review. I want to have a clear sense of what worked and what didn’t, as far as I can draw any conclusions on my own.

Be sure to check back here in the coming weeks to read my success stories in reaching both goals. Yes, I’m setting a deadline too. October 1! What good are goals without any urgency, right?

This store owner in a TV series audition answers a deputy's questions while enjoying a mouthful of chewing tobacco.

This store owner in a TV series audition answers a deputy’s questions while enjoying a mouthful of chewing tobacco.