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One of the most rewarding things an actor can do is create a character without a single line of dialogue. This can happen long before we get cast or get near a set. It can be inspired by a piece of clothing, a setting, or a personal experience. It then can become the facial expressions, body language, and wardrobe choices we make each time we get headshots taken.

As I plan my next headshot session, I have come up with 10 distinct characters I want to play in the coming year. For each one, I chose a title and a brief description. I also suggest potential wardrobe. Take a look and let me know which of the following 10 characters stand out to you.

10 Headshots I Want

1. Middle Manager Mike – 3M is a middle-class guy barely making ends meet, feeling a bit frustrated with his job, and looking to take a risk to make everything right.  He wears a button-down shirt with a drab color, gray slacks, and a mismatched tie.

2. Business Executive Ed – BEE is an entrepreneur at the top of his game. He makes big money and enjoys controlling all facets of the game of life. He has a sense of style, a taste for the finer things, and can finesse his way through any situation.  He could be in an expensive suit or something hip and more laid back.

3. College Professor Paul – CPP is a highly intellectual fellow, always in pursuit of learning except when he’s telling others how much he knows which he does often.  Gray suit and bow tie only for this elitist.

4. Farmer Frank – FF runs a dairy farm that makes little or no profit but he keeps at it because it’s a family tradition. He’s accustomed to working with his hands, and prides himself on being able to fix anything—except relationships. Overalls and a flannel shirt will do nicely here.

5. Hunter Hal – HH knows weapons inside and out and has a passion for shooting anything on four legs for sport mostly, but has been known to eat virtually anything with fur. Wool parka, excessively worn, completes his shaggy look.

6. Doctor Daniel: DD is a clean-cut, straight talking physician with little interest in a gentle bedside manner. Lab coat over scrubs is his look.

7. Meth Head Melvin: MHM is always looking to score and that tends to put him in bad situations and often dangerous ones. He talks incessantly and usually makes no sense. He wears ragged jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt that has seen better days.

8. Therapist Ted: TT is a kind, soft-spoken man who believes everyone is capable of good and can change their lives. He’s equipped with a non-stop “sunny side up” approach to everything. He prefers to wear only green, blue, and purple because of their supposed soothing effect on his patients.

9. Lawyer Larry: This sharp-tongued, quick-witted defense attorney would cross-examine his own mother if she got in his way. Unfortunately, LL lost that case so she’s in prison. Cheap suits make up his entire wardrobe, but it’s a choice he makes to mislead prosecutors into thinking he’s a weak litigator.

10. Mystery Morley: Upon first glance, MM seems like a decent, upstanding citizen. Yet there is something about him that seems off. He has a dark secret from his past that he can conceal brilliantly until he puts it into play for his own amusement.  He prefers to wear hipster plaid shirts.

Which of the 10 roles, if any, does this headshot fit  best?

Which of the 10 roles, if any, does this headshot fit best?