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Actor: Everyone please like my apple.

Acting Teacher: I can help you polish your apple.

Agent: We already have ten apples that look just like yours.

Guests at an industry mixer: Let me know if you use my apple in your next film.

Screenwriter: Exterior. City sidewalk. Rainy day. Dolly past moving bus to reveal apple waiting.

Crowdfunder:  Help me get the apples I want—but can’t afford—and I will give you a t-shirt.

Casting Director: For this project, I only want to see apples that are red, medium-sized and a little sweet.

Producer: Let’s go with the smaller apples—they’re so much cheaper.

Wardrobe stylist:  For the opening scene, we’re adding a stem to your apple.

Makeup artist: I just need five more minutes to get this apple camera ready.

Director of Photography: This is an emotional scene for the apple let’s move in for a tighter shot.

Director:  If I have to slice the apple to get the performance I want, I will do it.

Apple sweating