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This weekend actors (and other industry folks) have a chance to network and connect with professionals from around the globe thanks to a platform provided by Stage32.com. Never heard of it? Go look at it now. Okay, finish reading this post then go look at it.

On special weekends, the site allows you to introduce yourself to everyone. For those of you who have not been on the site, you’ll want to create a profile first so you occupy a place on Stage32.com. It’s quick, easy, and relatively painless.

There’s more to this form of networking than simply the prospect of meeting professionals online who can hire you, refer you to jobs, inspire you, or offer some form of support and encouragement. The real challenge is how to introduce yourself. That’s a task every actor can benefit from doing often.

In my introduction today, I simply used the title of this blog as the headline. Acting Made Stupid Simple should get some attention. Even before they get to the brief bit below, visitors to Stage32.com may be curious at least. I even included a link to the blog site to drive some traffic this way.

Better than the traditional 30-second elevator pitch, a one-sentence introduction presents the challenge of defining who you are and what you want in very few words. Someone is making a decision about whether or not to read the rest of what you wrote based on that one line. Did you hook them? Try writing “Actor Wanting Work” and see how few people interact.

As actors we’re always selling. What we share online is selling us effectively or poorly sometimes without us realizing it. I often see Facebook posts from people whose work I may like but whose online personality leaves something to be desired. It makes me less interested in working with them if they appear troubled, narcissistic, needy, or crazy online.

So go for the big introduction this weekend while it’s free. Craft something compelling to say about yourself. Then feel free to post a comment here and share your introduction with the Acting Made Stupid Simple readers.