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I’m laughing at some of the search terms that led people to the Acting Made Stupid Simple blog. It appears a lot of searchers were hoping to find something other than acting tips.  Some of the blame for that issue lies in my choices for tags. Many of them have been effective as I can see people searching for wardrobe for actors, actor etiquette on set, and new actor advice found the blog. My appearance on Fatal Encounters also led a lot of people to the blog—178 to be exact.  But a whole lot of people came here quite accidentally and what they were looking for is far different from what I’m offering.

One mention of Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story drew more than 100 people here. Clearly she’s got a following but they won’t have their love of “Pepper” deepened by much on these pages. That’s far more views than generated by searches for “Bob Dylan St. Lawrence University”, which only brought two people here, and anyone looking for Anthony Michael Hall, which led to nine views. I went to St. Lawrence long after Dylan played there, and met the Sixteen Candles actor at a film festival in Katy, Texas last year.  Each person only got one mention on the blog site.

Other search terms seem even more disconnected from the content here. The more distant they appear, the more absurd I imagine the experience of landing here was for the poor, confused individual searching desperately for “tony romo actor” or “village people original.” To amuse you, I have compiled a list of my favorite misleading search terms this year. I hope each one of these people managed to find his or her way back on track.

Top 10 Misleading Search Terms

1. hunt countydps drones

2. penny on the ground

3. ikea instructions + i within a circle

4. superbowl stupid

5. im more successful on my own

6. christopher lyle temple

7. soldier left to die

8. hoping to be loved

9. simple hair style for waiter

10. keep mouth shut quotes

Now tell me, what brought you here?

Ikea manual

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”