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It’s pouring here in Houston right now and many people are wondering if trick or treating will actually take place tonight. I suppose having an umbrella helps. You might also think about dressing up as Nemo or The Little Mermaid. That second choice is even better if you’re a grown man.

I suppose the last-minute shoppers are scrambling to find a costume in the stores or deciding they will just make their own. I’m not a crafty guy so creating my own costume never feels like an option. But if I had a little help, here are 10 looks I would consider recreating this Halloween.

1. Henry Travers as Clarence Odbody in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

I’m sure my friend Claire who makes costumes could help me recreate this 18th century-style nightgown. My hair is the right length. I just need some gray hair spray or liquid coloring from Frankel’s. I’m sure I could find bushy eyebrows there too.

Halloween_Clarence the Angel

2. Charlie Chaplin as The Lone Prospector in THE GOLD RUSH

I played this character once for an auto dealer video and recreating the look would be simple with one stop at Frankel’s to rent the Chaplin costume and buy the mustache and wig. I might need to carry around a plate with an old leather shoe on it so people get the reference to the right film since Chaplin played the same character in so many movies.


3. Alex Karras as Sherriff Wallace in PORKY’S

Although better known from BLAZING SADDLES and the TV series WEBSTER, Karras played the Sheriff in Porky’s and finding this uniform and growing the mustache would be fairly easy.

Halloween_Alex Karras

4. William Shatner as Captain Kirk in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN

I already do a Kirk impersonation from TOS so to leap forward in time with a new costume and new hair would be a blast. I would assume ordering the costume online would be the best option but I should be able to find a suitable wig or hairpiece in a local store.

Halloween_Kirk in Wrath of Khan

5. Lea Thompson as Lorraine McFly in BACK TO THE FUTURE

Any other choice from this film is basically retro 50’s or retro 80’s and just plain boring. Even as Lorraine in the 50’s, it’s far too simple. I can see being “old” Lorraine in the prosthetic makeup, wig, green turtleneck, and striped jacket. People would guess the character is a woman defeated by fashion and life, but only true fans of the film series would immediately know it’s Marty’s mom.

Halloween_Lorraine Back to the Future

6. Beau Bridges as Matt Cushman in JERRY MAGUIRE

Bridges wasn’t even credited in the role as Cush’s dad whose son signs with Jerry’s rival, but look at how simple this costume can be. The “TEAM CUSHMAN” hat is all I really need. I already have the light blue, button-down shirt. This would leave most people guessing all night, unless they Googled the words on the hat.

Halloween_Bridges in Jerry Maguire

7. Kevin James as Paul Blart in PAUL BLART: MALL COP

One of my former students once compared me to Paul Blart, and I still assume he didn’t mean physically. (Dear God, please tell me he didn’t mean physically.) The uniform would be easy to find, along with the accessories. The real challenge would be getting a segway and finding fun places to ride on it all night.

Halloween_Paul Blart

8. Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in THE GODFATHER

Did I really just jump from Kevin James to the man considered the greatest actor of all time? You bet I did. Renting the tux would be the easiest part of this choice. Truly getting into character would involve nailing the impersonation as well as finding one room to sit in all night and granting favors to each person who comes in to see me.



This is a tough one for me to choose one character when there are so many fun ones from which to choose. Billy Bob’s Karl is the obvious choice. Imagine walking around all night asking people for “french-fried potaters.”  John Ritter’s Vaughan has those distinctive glasses and that hair. Robert Duvall as Karl’s father spends his time muttering “I ain’t got no boy” in his easy chair backed by a wall of religious items. But the one I would choose in a heartbeat is the ultimate movie redneck, Doyle, played brilliantly by Dwight Yoakam.

Halloween_Doyle in Sling Blade

10. Jade Roberts as Sylvester Stallone in THE STARVING GAMES

I work with Jade often in dinner theater shows and at corporate gigs, and we have been friends for years. With this film opening in theaters nationwide next week, it would be funny to see a relatively unfit version of Sly in this outfit trying to look tough.

Jade Roberts as Sylvester Stallone on the set of THE STARVING GAMES