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Stage32.com, a networking site for our industry, once again welcomes members to introduce themselves and make fast connections this weekend. I made my post this morning and started receiving invitations to connect pretty quickly. My mention of Texas caught the attention of at least one screenwriter with a story set in San Antonio.

Let’s Make a Film Together in Texas

After a wonderfully invigorating meeting last night with fellow Houston independent producers, I’m more eager to collaborate with filmmakers here in the Lone Star State. I’m an actor/producer, and ready to talk about the contributions I can make to a film you have in development or pre-production.

I encourage new and veteran actors to do the same this weekend. It takes very little time and could lead you to new opportunities locally, regionally, nationally or internationally in the coming months. Before you post, let me share a few quick tips.

  1. Know what you want. Think about which doors you want your post to open.
  2. Tell us what you want. Name a goal or two in your post.
  3. Make it personal. Show a little personality. Be colorful. 
  4. Be focused. Introducing every title you have could make you forgettable. Limiting your post to a couple of primary functions, e.g., actor/writer, keeps it clear and concise.
  5. Respond quickly to invites. Networking only works if you work for it so don’t ignore connection requests for days or weeks. Review, accept and reach out with a personal message.

The Introduce Yourself Weekend lasts through Sunday night, and anyone is welcome to join the site and post an introduction during that time. There’s no charge for creating an account on the site, and you’ll find more resources. Take time to explore them and post a comment here to let us know where we can find your Stage32.com page.