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I recently submitted an audition through Eco Cast for a feature film shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A good friend taped it one night and the following morning I called my mother to ask a favor. I wanted to know if she would pay the $3.50 fee for me to submit the audition. She didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The dollar amount is not relevant. She’s invested in my career. I won’t reach out to her for that kind of help again for months (I hope), but it’s wonderful to know she would respond in a similar way. She’s always been like that. It’s not about grand gestures for her. The acts of love come in a steady and continuous stream, and I’m hoping your first fan is doing the same for you.

I don’t think she and I talked much about acting when I first started. Maybe you’re having a different experience. I hope your relationship with your first fan is so rock solid, you can tell her comfortably about all the struggles. Missed meals. Unpaid bills. Constant rejection. I couldn’t. Gradually it became a more open dialogue, but it took time. Still, I think she knew all along. She’s my mother after all.

Whatever your relationship with your mom looks like today, I encourage you to remember she’s your first and truest fan. Strive to openly share your adventures in acting. Go deeper than how the short film audition went or how much fun you had shooting that last TV commercial. Give her a real sense of what’s going on. She may have some helpful words to share. Even if she knows nothing about this crazy business, she knows you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I look forward to hearing lots of Grand Cayman vacation stories when you get back.

Flowers at Mom and Dad's

Be sure to thank mom when your career blossoms.