I went away for a few months and nobody noticed. That’s the beauty of a blog that exists under the radar. I could have been in prison, traveling overseas, or going off the grid. It was nothing like that. I simply made a smart business decision and took a full-time job.

It wasn’t a large leap away from acting. I stepped into a producer position on a network show based in Houston. Working for Disney/ABC gave me an opportunity to enjoy a good salary, great benefits, and the collaborative environment that comes with going to work in the same building every day. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

The job offer came on May 9. I started working May 12. On June I was informed the network for which I was working would come at a swift end. On July 18 I was free to return to whatever it was I was doing before.

I turned down a lot of auditions during those two months but managed to tape many as well. I didn’t book any gigs so there was no need to take any time off. Much of my last few weeks were spent trying to find ways to keep busy so I offered help to people in other departments. A couple of people gladly accepted my offer and gave me assignments. The rest of the time I spent thinking about what would come next.

One big change between May 11 and now is my status as an actor. I’m no longer non-union. My decision to join SAG-AFTRA came long ago but working full-time finally gave me the means to pay the initiation fee and six-month dues.

Not along ago I was taking the bus to Austin or Dallas and skipping meals because I couldn’t afford to eat. I haven’t forgotten those lean times. But it’s good to put the past in proper perspective. It came and went and it’s not meant to be repeated.

I think the biggest benefit of the two-month hiatus from daily acting and auditioning is the newfound sense of excitement to work. And by work I mean do anything related to the craft and the business of acting. I’m not feeling desperate to book gigs. I am feeling compelled to improve my audition skills. I’m also enjoying the process of how to enhance my marketing efforts. A new headshot session is coming up and I’ll get a chance to try out a few looks that I haven’t done yet.

With five months to go to the end of the calendar year, I do have some specific goals in mind. One is to get into at least 3 workshops. The first is scheduled for August 16 with a Louisiana casting director. The second goal is to book 3 supporting roles in feature films and 3 roles in episodics. The third goal is to work outside of Texas on a film or TV project. While I may be living here right now, there’s no reason my imagination can’t roam the earth.

If you have ever taken a break from full-time acting, I invite you to share with us what you experienced during that time and how it benefited you. Leave a comment below along with a link to your IMDb page so we can get better acquainted with you.


During slower times as an actor, invest more energy in networking and building relationships. In the photo on the left, I’m part of an actors meet-up group to discuss the market, prepare for auditions, and support one another. In the photo on the right, I’m at an industry gathering hosted by Women in Film & Television Houston.