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Imagine a morning where you wake up having no clue where the day will take you. You don’t know what you will wear. You don’t know what you will do. You don’t even know where you will be. For me, that’s every day.

It’s not that opposed to planning ahead, I just can’t be married to my plans. As a working actor, my day can change pretty quickly, which is what happened yesterday as things started to take shape around mid-morning.

8:57 am: Informed about audition time for out-of-town series

9:16 am: Purchased bus ticket

12:05 pm: Departed by bus

3:00 pm Arrived in other city

6:00 pm: Auditioned for casting director and episode director

There is a lot we can control in our lives as actors, such as what we wear and how we prepare. But so much of acting and auditioning is outside of our control and that’s where we can find big rewards, if we’re open to losing control. Now, I don’t mean you should surrender all control. I’m talking about changing your routine in life, outside of the audition room. I’m talking about being open to stepping onto a path that could lead you in new and exciting places.

So, last night I’m sitting at a coffee shop and contemplating what to do next. By the time I finished my audition, no buses were available to take me home. I reached out on Facebook to see if any actors were headed that way, but that was unsuccessful, too. That left me thinking I could stay in town and find a friend to crash with or get a motel room. Neither option seemed attractive.

The night took a sharp turn when I spotted a Facebook event happening in town at that moment, a mixer my talent agency was hosting. What a coincidence! I called a cab and headed to the venue.

When I arrived, keep in mind, I still had no idea how the rest of the night would play out. I just figured I would meet some fellow actors and catch up with my talent agent there. Little did I know an actor I have worked with on several occasions would be there. Suddenly, I had a ride home.

When that piece of the puzzle in place, I just relaxed and enjoyed the conversations. I met veteran actors. I met newcomers. I met people with an agent. I met people wanting to get an agent. Now, I had met my second objective: making new connections and starting fruitful relationships.

Even if we don’t like to admit it, there’s a lot of “control freak” in each one of us. Before you go straighten the hand towels in the bathroom one more time, think about going with the flow a little more and see where losing control leads you today. It could surprise you, in a very, very good way.