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Goodbye, Acting Made Stupid Simple.

Inspiration occurred today and led me to change the name of my blog. Despite not actually blogging the last two months, I have been giving a lot of thought to the future of this space and what I want to accomplish with it. Service frequently became the keyword in those thoughts and I believe service to others is the basis to everything we do as actors.

The general mission of helping newcomers to acting make informed decisions hasn’t changed. I still want to save people time, money, and energy in the process they are creating to audition, find agents, and develop their skills in the craft. But the direction of the focus has switched in a clear way.

I know I have always conveyed a sense of importance of service-oriented approach in my career and within this blog space. The difference now is, in using the word service, I am clarifying my belief that everything we do as actors begins and ends with service. Just take a look at my new mission.

To inspire new stage and screen actors to use their skills and talents as acts of service to their local communities and the larger industry.

So what happens next? Well, with a new mission of educating actors about service, you’ll start see me using this space to be a service advocate with ideas and observations I make. They will come from my own and the work of respected peers.

I also want to create a safe space for dialogue about service as an actor. I’ll be using the Actors of Service Facebook page for that dialogue. You can find it by clicking here.

Later this month, I’ll be hosting an audition workshop for teen and adult actors in Milwaukee called Nailing the Next Audition. This new service-first approach will be valuable in helping newer actors better prepare for auditions and understand how to serve their productions at every step. I welcome any stage or screen actor in Milwaukee or Chicago to join us.

I hope the new name and new mission inspire more actors to commit to learning the craft and business of acting with confidence and a newfound sense of purpose. It can be a tough business and the demands on us are great. That’s why focusing on service first can remind us we are part of something far bigger, help us handle rejection, and allow us to make decisions based on what we want to contribute to our field, not simply on what we want to take from it.

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