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I sat at the computer thinking of what I could call a fresh blog post for a blog site I have pretty much neglected for months. It’s not like I can talk about work I have done as I haven’t booked any roles in that time in Milwaukee. I didn’t want to mention auditions as the ones I typically do get involve signing an NDA. So I pretty much ignored my own blog. Until now.

A lot has changed since I last posted here. I’m in a new state and a new city. Culver City, to exact. I pass by Sony every day so I am reminded of acting, even if it’s not my first priority here.


To clarify, I didn’t move here to act. I moved here to be with my daughter whose mom got a broadcasting job here. Also, I didn’t get much time to plan for my move. I found out in November my ex-wife was offered a job in LA and responded accordingly.

So in the back half of January I am getting adjusted to new surroundings and designing a new life for myself. Making time for my daughter obviously gets attention. (We walk to school when it’s not raining.) Getting steady employment is also extremely important. Thankfully, I landed a Special Education aide gig after my first interview in town. After a pre-employment process, I should be able to start relatively soon.


Now comes the other pivotal part. How do I spend the rest of my time so I can satisfy my appetite for performing, playing, and connecting? I know want to seek opportunities to get involved in the local acting community. I know I want to develop new skills to better serve the industry as a whole. When the What is decided, the How comes much more easily.

It helps to feel immersed in films at the moment. Due to my union status, I am watching films and TV shows nominated for SAG Awards. (Portman broke my heart as JACKIE this morning). I have much more to watch before the deadline later this week, including MOONLIGHT and LION.


In the simplest terms, I intend to put the focus on creating new relationships here and reviving existing ones. By investing in relationships, I’m recognizing the power in being a talent doesn’t come from what I can do or how much I want to work but from who I can serve. I’m already breathing a sigh of relief knowing I do not need to desperately hustle to get paid roles ASAP and can make informed choices instead of impulsive ones.

I updated all my info on the casting sites, such as Casting Networks, and will work on getting new headshots and getting representation here. Not as just one more actor in LA. As myself. As someone who believes in serving the people who make each project possible.

I am embracing no delusions. I expect nothing to be easy. I welcome each challenge that comes with the change of scenery and goals, and I thank you for having me, LA.