“Marc, it’s an honor and privilege to learn the craft of storytelling and filmmaking from someone like you.” – May Klisch, Aspiring Filmmaker, Milwaukee, WI

Marc is one of those rare individuals who knows that people matter. He is kind, thoughtful, and concerned about doing the right thing. As an employee he is dependable, a team player and a problem solver. I believe that Marc can do almost any job he puts his mind to. He is skilled in the areas of video production, education and acting. He is intuitive and a problem solver which is vital in any job.” -Kayla Russick, Atwater Elementary School Principal

“Marc worked as an aide in my third and fourth grade multi-age classroom from January-June 2016. He learned all of the crew (class) members names on the first day and made an effort to know each student. He has a positive attitude, a great sense of humor and
genuinely cared about the students, as well as staff. He is very reliable and responsible. Marc is also very easy to work with and flexible when events changed during the school day.” -Deb Sakai, Teacher, Atwater Elementary School

“I have had the pleasure of being on set with Marc Isaacs numerous times. He is a tremendous actor that brings depth and sincerity to his roles. I jump at the opportunity to work with this man. He is an actors actor! He is a friend.” – Troy Parker, Actor, PATRIOT ACT, OSPREY

“I had the opportunity to catch a portion of Marc’s improv workshop this summer. He has a patient and thorough teaching style. His next workshop promises to be an equally beneficial opportunity (for) all who attend! Sign up!” – Crystal Martinez, Actress, UNDER THE DOME, REVOLUTION

“Even the experienced professional actor can benefit from attending this course. The workshop provided me with a different insight in to the business and gave me additional tools to help my career and craft.” -Jason Sweatt, Actor, SAG-AFTRA

“I have known Marc for over 12 years and have had the privilege working with him on and off the set. Of all the Acting Workshops out there Marc’s are without a doubt the Best. If you want to learn something new or improve your skills Marc is the man.” -Dave Mateer, Actor & Photographer

“These workshops provide the opportunity to network with other actors and individuals in a watch, learn, do environment. They are fun, energetic and a great way to learn by doing, building confidence and self-esteem along the way. Those who have attended these workshops find them engaging, motivational and challenging and while they are a lot of fun they also provide great personal tools to use in business and acting environments.” -Mark Docherty, Actor & Project Manager/Engineering Specialist

“Marc’s passion and enthusiasm for the craft is apparent before you even start his class. He is patient, kind, and cares about actors. I learned SO much from taking his improv workshop. He helped me to discover characters in the moment which kept me on my toes. He also gives personal experience with auditioning, or being on the set. I would recommend his classes or workshops to anyone that wants to learn from a talented, experienced, and amazing actor.” -Lyndsey Case, Actress

“The Business of Acting workshop helped me gain incredible amounts of information to utilize NOW. I feel motivated and encouraged that I have the tools and business sense that are necessary to book gigs and make it in this industry. I was shocked to realize how very little I actually knew, and am thankful that I made the decision to invest in this workshop.” – Amy Lee Creel, Actress

“We both learned so much in your Audition Improv class! Though I am in comedy improv weekly, your class went much more in-depth.” -Carla Rudichuck & daughter Lucy Rudichuk, Actresses