“Marc is one of the most uniquely talented writers and producers I’ve worked with. He has an intuitive understanding of the industry, and a remarkable ability to make the valuable connections needed to get a project done. It has always been a pleasure working with him on any project, and I value his input and his skills.” -Writer and Author Kevin Tumlinson

“A brilliant actor,writer, and producer, Marc brings some serious talent to the table. He is always professional and a great pleasure to work with.” – Motionologist and Storyteller Theodore Horrocks

“Marc has been my go to person when considering a new TV project to develop. His wide range of experience from producer at all levels of local TV (including a local daily talk show produced by the ABC O&O in Houston) and as on air talent is invaluable when trying to bring an idea from the white board to reality. He is experienced, talented and honest–a valuable combination, and rare in the media world these days.” -Wil Hansen,¬†Managing Member at Wil Hansen Multimedia LLC